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It takes all of us to enact change. Every donation, large or small, helps us win. 


 My issues revolve around what the voters in Burlington face on a day to day basis. 

Dejuana Bigelow
Helping to Build a Better Burlington for All.

Burlington residents need a City Council that is available to listen to you and prioritize the needs of everyone in Burlington. I pledge to listen to people in all communities. I promise to consider priorities in all neighborhoods. I promise to work for you to help Build a Better Burlington. 

In conversations across Burlington, people have voiced concern for these priorities:


  • Improved community safety

  • Job creation and economic opportunity that reaches all of Burlington

  • Cleaner drinking water and finally holding polluters accountable 

  • More affordable housing and smarter growth

  • Better support for our public schools


We offer details to address all of these concerns to Build a Better Burlington.


Burlington will be a great city when all residents can look out their window and see a neighborhood that is safe and a community that offers opportunity and prosperity for their family. If you believe in building a better Burlington and a great city where everyone feels heard, please consider joining our campaign. 


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